Over the past 4 months, the WM FUNDamentals blog has examined and unpacked the core advantages of real estate investing. Chief amongst these advantages has been its dynamic ability to provide steady investment returns, hedge against risks, and diversify traditional portfolios. Starting this month and proceeding into the following weeks, the Watermark Team will begin to define what we like to call “The Watermark Advantage.” In the cacophonic noise of real estate investment options and advice, we want to highlight how Watermark is unique and why our partners trust us with their investments.

We are the “Navy SEALs” of Private Equity Real Estate

At Watermark Equity Group, we are often identified in and around our offices as the “Navy SEALs of private equity real estate.” This mantra isn’t just something we print on marketing material – it is embedded in our culture, actualized in our developments and championed by our personnel. It encapsulates our strategy to consistently provide our stakeholders with superior effectiveness, performance and speed across all projects. We will train, sharpen, and perfect these skills to safeguard the confidence and trust of our partners, lenders, contractors and clients. Specifically;

  • We are Nimble – Just like Navy SEALs who strike with swiftness and precision, our Watermark Equity Group Fund leverages a nimble investing approach that not only seeks out the best opportunities, but then capitalizes on those opportunities in a swift and profitable manner. While big box real estate investment firms slugglishly react to opportunities and smaller firms lack the capital to strike, Watermark Equity Group stands in the gap with our ability to deploy capital with velocity and rigor.

  • We are Prepared – It is commonly known that 95% of what contributes to the success of Navy SEALs’ missions is thoughtful preparation. The remaining 5% is the actual execution. At Watermark Equity Group, we embody this same mentality with systematic analyzation of each asset and scrupulous self-preparation for execution. We will not settle for adequate. We will not settle for good. We will only be satisfied when our investors achieve optimal returns and we have exhausted every effort to attain them. This only happens through our meticulous preparation.

  • We are Relentless – After identifying the best opportunities and undergoing thorough preparation and analyzation, Watermark Equity Group is then ready to strike. We attack each investment opportunity with the relentless vigor of a Navy SEAL, adopting their “get in and get out” approach to combat missions. From the onset, we will effectively push each project toward their successful completion, maximizing returns for our investors and releasing our team to begin preparing for the next mission.

Over the years, the effectiveness of these distinctives can be seen in our track record.  To learn more about how Watermark Equity Group can help you passively create wealth through private equity real estate investment, please reach out to us today! Let us get our hands dirty so you don’t have to!  

To learn more, reach out to Watermark Equity Group today!

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Mike Berttucci

Mike is the Finance Director of Watermark Equity Group. Since graduating Wheaton College (IL) with degrees in Business and Economics, Mike was active in community development and was a professor of business studies before joining Watermark in 2017.