“I love working for Watermark because i love to see the 'jaw dropping' reveal when all work is done and the project is complete. that's the moment of blissful client satisfaction that i've waited to deliver."


Michelle is a Design Manager at Watermark Equity Group.

Michelle has been dedicated to Watermark since its inception in 2013. She specifically works in our design development and leads the majority of the DreamHome projects. Michelle commits herself to her clients and projects with special interest to deliver what we call the 'waterMARK'. In what is often an overwhelming and stressful process to most, she has a proven record of satisfied clients and can be trusted to imagine, listen and deliver Watermark's quality product to buyers.

Within the Watermark group, she has further developed a distinct capacity and knowledge to work with all members of our team throughout the evolution of a project. Michelle works to ensure Watermark's design meet the needs and dreams of today's end user. “Witnessing a truly pleased customer is an honor and it’s what my team and I envision seeing as we work each day.” It’s the kind of job that inspires you to make homes beautiful and leave them better than anyone ever imagined they could be."

Michelle graduated from Wheaton College in 2009, is married, and recently became a new mom! In her free time, you will find her taking on a world of firsts as a mother, coaching track athletes at Wheaton College, and being a native of Arizona, praying that somehow summer would last forever.